About Our Products

Nursing Necklaces are made of all natural untreated wood rings from Birch trees grown in North America and gemstone pendants.  Nursing necklaces are strung on strong cotton cord ready to be grabbed and pulled by your little one!  Nursing necklaces are meant to keep baby's hands busy during nursing or bottle feeding and save you from playful scratching and hair pulling!  They are safe for incidental mouthing, but not meant for heavy chewing.

Teething Necklaces are available in both wood ring necklace and crochet bead necklace styles.  These are safe for babies to gnaw on (while worn by mom, dad, or other caregiver!).  The wood rings are all natural wood and the crochet beads are 100% cotton yarn crocheted over natural wood beads. 

Amber Teething Necklaces are made from authentic Baltic amber imported directly from the source and strung on a strong silk cord.  The cord is knotted between each individual bead and the clasp is a break-away screw clasp.  These are meant to be worn by babies as an all natural pain reliever.  Always supervise baby during use!  They can be wrapped around baby's ankle during sleeping.

Teething Rings are all natural Birch wood finished with 100% organic olive oil and beeswax finish.  The beeswax I use comes from my family's hives!  My vegan wax finish made from 100% plant products is also available and is exclusive to Life Circles Necklaces. 

BabyBrights Teething Toys are all natural Birch wood rings with hand-dyed silk.  The silks are dyed using nontoxic professional grade dyes and undyed white silk BabyBrights are also available.

Wooden Blocks

Playsilks and Streamers

Bean Bags

Waldorf-Style Dolls

ALL Life Circles Necklaces Products are designed and created by myself, Lori Denley, at my family farm in Burnsville, North Carolina.  We do not outsource!